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Transfer initiated. Thank you.

And again a double sell. Legit_Salesgirl can you send me back the ISK when you received the character. Because i made the deal aswell with him ingame.

No… if u keep stalking my posts and try to make deals per ingame mail before I do you deserve this… go make a ticket and explain the GM what u did.

Actually i didnt stalk your post, he created a topic on the forum where i answered.

Interesting… the first one you claimed you made a deal a day ago did not… so how did that happen exactly?

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Read what I said… You did the very same thing on the 80b Char which did not even had a post… what happend did u by accident slip into a convo with the same guy at the same time and offered 84b? And 24h later this… just stop it dude common sense is a thing btw.

I really hope that the guy did not even accept your offer and a GM has no mercy with this shady behavior , will check myself whenever I have the char. :ok_hand:

He did accepted.
I understand how you react, i would do the same.

@Linoaa You said the same about the first and then changed ur story that the “Deal” actually didn’t go trough a day later… all you were trying is to slow me down so u could get it… Shade level 200%

Maybe instead of creating drama and issues for the Eve Support team you should make your own WTB post and put some effort into getting deals instead of trying to 1 minute snipe / mail in game of other peoples deals.

Heu… actually it didn’t happen like that with Alexander but what you are saying sound coherent indeed. We all know if i create a WTB post it won’t work.

Shame you are taking it like this after all the good deal i gave you in the past…

Shameful is what you did twice now… and you even admit to it… “Mine wouldn’t work” that gives you reason to disrupt other sales and tell the OP that a deal has been made already even tho it DID not. the guy himself even said it didn’t happen here in the post and I did not believe him because of our “Good deals in the past” that is shameful my dude… :woman_shrugging:


Lower than the SP your looking for but is this worth anything to you?


@chester_Raedwald no to me but pretty sure some people would buy a char like that for 2-4b simply as SP farm if you list it as that in a Sales post.

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Thanks for a swift response.

38b offer for the first and 3.5b offer for the second

Not sure what is going on but I initiated the transfer last night. @Legit_Salesgirl Linoaa messaged me in-game with an offer and I never actually accepted. I said “I will accept the offer IF you post in the thread” because I thought he was you initially. I accepted your offer a short time after since you replied in this thread with the offer and you sent me the isk and I initiated the transfer. If this other guy Linoaa sent isk after(I did not see any isk sent by him when I initiated the transfer) then that is not my problem and very shady behavior.

I apologize for any miscommunication/misunderstandings. The deal is done with Legit :slight_smile:

thanks for clearing that up @Samantha_Carter_Asanari

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18b offer @pedar11

hi,yes is ok