✅ WTB ALL CHARS - 24/7

can we do 30?

5B and she’s yours. Sorry for the slow response.

Hi Elemiah, I can offer you 88b

EveSkillboard - Lord Servant offer?

want to see char again toolong time ago

WTS 100 Mill SP Supercarrier pilot and 88 Mill SP pilot
EveSkillboard - G Y Ohaya
EveSkillboard - Tank XG
WTS 100 Mill SP Supercarrier pilot and 88 Mill SP pilot - Marketplace / Character Bazaar - EVE Online Forums

G Y Ohaya 57B and Tank XG 50B

Can you give 62bfor G Y Ohaya and 54b for Tank XG?


@WTB_All_Characters I’ll sell G Y Ohaya for 57b to you.

yes @WTB_All_Characters

Isk and account information sent.

toon transferred to @WTB_All_Characters . tyvm

Character is inactive at the moment, so nothing will have changed.
RL is getting in the way, hence selling the toon… https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Spardana_Khamez is up to date

Hi there, what is the offer for

Kopilochka 97b
Kopil04ka 100b
Nika Megen 60b
Elder Gon 23b

Also, it will be necessary for me to pay for transferring them?

how can we talk online >? discord? Kopil04kA#7285 Can you text me? I’m online ready for a deal

How much for this character?

EveSkillboard - clansman1488

Thank you

Kopil04ka I sent you a request.