✅ WTB ALL CHARS - 24/7

37 bill would be better please

I can pay you 38 bil for Sassy

accepted 38 bill for Sassy ■■■■■ Tiger

isk and account name sent

Transfer initiated, private sale

Thank you

Please consider

Padrick Gaterau 6.5B

Accepted. Mail account for transfer. Thanks

Padrick Gaterau ISK and account info sent.

Transfer initiated. Thanks

How much would you be willing to give for this toon? 60m sp



How much for this one, the name is a bit special

(SkillQ.net - bagginz thsmine)


9 bill offer for Bagginz

not enough, and the name is pretty wicked

Vik Amarru 27B

Would you be willing to do 32?

I am for sale. Docked at Cistuvaert 5-12 (high sec). No kIll rights.


Ningi Lei 25B

I accept 25B for myself

I am for sale. Docked at Chaven 8-1 (high sec). No kill rights. Current clone has Imp Navy mindlink + virtues, jump clone at Jita 4-4 has Fed navy mindlink.