✅ WTB ALL CHARS - 24/7

I accept 35B for myself

No better offer than 9 bill, might as well bio mass it

@WTB_All_Characters would you be willing to do 30b for myself? you offered 27

(SkillQ.net - bagginz thsmine)

Surely the name is worth 9 bill alone?

and what bout this fella

(SkillQ.net - ballcracker 4)


Hey remember this char [SOLD] WTS 74m Hel + Rorq + JF & industry pilot - #8 by WTB_All_Characters do you have it for sale?

Halborn Carbon No

okay msg me ingame please when you have something similar for sale

I have one now! chat with me ingame.

MonsterMiner 70B for ballcracker 4 and bagginz thsmine .

Does this offer still stand?

Yes, and I can sell you the plex also! Just accept the offer and I will send you the ISK and contract the PLEX.

I accept your offer

Manonski ISK and account info sent. And the plex contracted.

Just selling bagginz thsmine at moment

Offer was 9 bill?


Thanks! Character transfer has been initiated

9 bill offer is still valid yes

offer accepted thanks

isk and account info sent to bagginz thsmine