✅ WTB ALL CHARS - 24/7


EveSkillboard - Luna Deis

Hey, @Legit_Salesgirl

How much for myself?

pw: 1234!


54b offer @Luna_Deis
38b @Curii

looking for more chars

how much for this

whats your offer for me?

18b offer @another_camper

22b @Khoral_Rajj

Hey @Legit_Salesgirl give me a price chdck on these 2

23.5b for @rampagex and 45b for vondrl1

Consider rounding it up to 25 for rampage :slight_smile: as its chrismas xD

well… if its christmas… how about 22b… you gift me some :wink:

Hahaha lmao didnt see that coming xD

What about 24 :)??

How about… 21b…

Just kidding sure 24b sounds good :smiley:

Char ready for isk and is in npc corp


isk and info sent

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Kid_Gloves whats this char worth? @Legit_Salesgirl

31b offer @Kid_Gloves

looking for more chars

How about these 4 combined?