✅ WTB ALL CHARS - 24/7


I can do 25b,

How much is this?


26 bn and I’m yours.

Isk and account info sent. thanxs Attilar Leccore

thebruce1 72.5

Leila Loituma 94B

Anon Shaw 32B

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can only do 25b sorry isk on hand

How about nice and even 100B and we have a deal?

Wallet is positive
Character is in hig sec
No kill rights
Jump clones are in high sec

Likewise. Character transfer started. All good.

Anon Shaw ISK and account info sent.

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Can you try again?


Would like to sell this char, how much would you give?

Orv I think you could get 6+ elsewhere but I will offer 4B.

price check, please



Sorry didn’t realize it has a pass, pass free now… let me know the price, please.

Renta BUBREG 26B

EveSkillboard pw: abc

i can offer 27b