✅ WTB ALL CHARS - 24/7

shefu Rin 10B

Ight deal

shefu Rin ISK and account info sent.

ok transfer in process


12m SP PvP female caldari char

How much for me? :slight_smile:

Axxea Urban 4B

how much for me ? Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App

Sorry work has been hectic this week first time I am logging since Monday. Logging into EVE now and then I will start the transfer.

Transfer Started thanks you.

I totally get It! IRL is always messing up my gaming also.

EveSkillboard - Orcus B How much for this

Orcus A 14B

Ok and how much for this one EveSkillboard - Orcus A

Orcus A 25B

Just accept on the characters being sold and I’ll send the isk.



Maalum Zan-avow 22B

Jon Calico


Quotation please.
More isk for the name and beauty? :3

Still awaiting a responce


How much is worth?

And comes with best name ever!