✅ WTB ALL CHARS - 24/7

Mach Balcozi 23B

mail sent

Agreed. Send details please.

Time Transitory Isk and account info sent.

goon scamming charecter

Goon Recruitment no thanx

Hello, can you give me an over for this?

Sheroda 42B
You will need to accept on Ltd Ferruses

I have this character for sale

Victoria Greentome 3B


Please see message sent via eve-mail.


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Deirdre Devir

How much would you pay for this one? :slight_smile

Hello, how about this one, how much will you offer ?

Link was not working. :slight_smile:

Whose link not working ?

got 2 Rorqual Chars for you if you interested?

Aventurine ii

Betty Ballhouse

would you accept 35b for your character?

evemail offer if interested

That’s too low… this is a titan (Avatar), Super (Nyx), Dreadnought (Revelation), JF (Rhea) … high skilled pilot… I think should be around 90B at least…



5 chars
how much will you offer