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60 Bill

from the settings of the char make the profile public and not private.

HI, I’m looking for an appraisal with a serious view to selling could you guys help ?

I know your always buying but if you have an exhumer 5 for sale id love to buy from you looking for mf GF’s first account

Thinking of selling this character if the price is right.

@Tor_Manx 31 billion
@Jackson_Morrow 29 billion



What would be your price estimate?

Looks like a bit of everything to me, is that a main brother? How much you asking for it ?

Yes, it is my main, want to start over.
After looking at different offers here I would think something around 26b.
has + 5 implant set
All Jump skills 5
Jumpfreighter skill 5
Minmatar Freighter 4

What would be your idea?

Trying again 

How much for this one :smiley:

Best regards

how much for this: