✅ WTB ALL CHARS - 24/7

Good enough for me… next steps?

transfer initiated, many thanks :+1:

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you need to leave ur corp and also are u aware transfer fees are 20$?

I accept the offer of 34.2 send isk nd details

isk and info sent

looking for more chars

@Sonovarte_Harrison 4B?

@Pandion_Knight Still have not received my char and you revoked access to the skillboard… Do I smell a scam here :stuck_out_tongue:

had to make a few changes.

ready to send now. send offer

@Djibooty 52b offer

let me move some stuff around and ill set it up, ill let you know

are you able to add due to the assets located around space, i have like 22bil?

assets aren’t allowed to be included in the price for the char sadly I am sorry :frowning:

thats fine, im ready to start the transfer

you need to accept my offer with the char for sale. Forum rules xD

Ready when u are

confirm im for sale

isk and info sent

transfer started

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https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Archaon_Viator how much

13b offer @Ahmya_Hina