✅ WTB ALL CHARS - 24/7

How much would be for this one? EveSkillboard - Renta BUBREG

Ronin Bloodties I can do 7b.

Thanks for the prompt response, I’ll try other time.

PW: 1133

10 bill

Tabitha La Rune I can do 10.5 B

It appears your skillboard is password protected now. What is the password?

Edited. Sorry.

Thanks for the offer!

Thanks for the offer as well.

@Tabitha_La_Rune 12,5 B offer

@Tabitha_La_Rune 11 bill

@Tabitha_La_Rune 14 B offer


Omega state expires at 2021.05.26 19:28



nvm i just found out i have to pay 17GBP for character transfer lol

Yep that is required, sorry man :frowning: