āœ… WTB ALL CHARS - 24/7

meet in the middle at 46. and you have a deal.

Someone offered 47 yesterday, if they back out of the deal then Ill sell it to you for 46. Deal?

@Voniix If you skill extract you make 52+ billion. Those are lowball offers.
They are skill extracting and mass biomassing toons.

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46.5b ready

I have a couple alts Iā€™d let go of if you want to throw me an offer on them,




Carcharias 18B

I want to buy Raksha Razer offer 16B, isk ready can trade anytime.
May be you should use that character herself to open a new post as a Private Sale, this is more easy under CCP rules.

Price check : Character Sheet
perfect rorqual miner + perfect Scanner and Data Relic Hacker

can do 28b

too low

Hey, please take a moment to see the character Iā€™m selling, can it meet your requirements Character Sheet

Price Check: Character Sheet

hello, sell for 25b?

Interested in this toon: Juliana Paez

Price Check: Character Sheet

WTS PRICE CHECK Ashaoo Skill & Standings Sheet (tools4eve.com)

30b/o isk ready

100b offer

WTS price check please
(Character Sheet)

WTS price check please
(Character Sheet)