WTS 3 toons

Good gunnery. Can fly on capitals and BO.

Starting bid - 55bil

Recon pilot

Starting bid - 20bil

No killrights
Jita located

Trade and JF/deepspace pilot

Starting bid - 18bil

For sell

For sell

Can bid 55b on first and 20b on second, or offer 80b B/O for both

95 for all?

Ok, offer 95b BO for all 3 characters, confirm and I’ll sent isk separately for each char 55b (Shubashu) , 25b (Linda Harpy) , and 15b (Abram Shniperson)

65b Offer for shubashu

I prefer to sale all 3 characters. I will accept your offer, if nobody don’t want to pay more in 5 hours.

Awaiting confirmation about accepting 95b BO, I’ll sent isk and accounts info


Isk send and accounts info’s mailed

will check and send toons tomorrow evening

66.5b Offer for shubashu

i’m so sorry. I need to stay at work till the morning, Some incident there. I’l give you back 1.5b for this delay

No problem, I understand.

Any updates?

I hope you are fine, and nothing serious didn’t happened. And I still want characters more then paid iskes, and Eve is all about patient, so I will wait 24 hour more for your response and transfer. Then I’ll submit tickets for GMs to cancel the deal, don’t want, but. And really no offense irl is irl.

transfer started. 2.5b compensation on shubashu. I’m really sorry for this delay

Glad to see your reply, thanks.
But don’t received transfer confirmation mail, everything went smoothly about it?