✅ WTB ALL CHARS - 24/7

Post Skillboards below → https://skillboard.eveisesi.space/ Online about 18h a day to make offers and plenty of isk to spare :slight_smile:

  • Paying around Estimated Extraction value
  • Looking for Chars around 10m-400m SP

All Character Bazaar Rules Apply: :aura: Welcome to the Character Bazaar

Kelma I can offer 13B



78 bill

What would be the offer on this Character: Character Sheet

Wednesday Antoinette 43B

coasteleve Okay I offer 78B for Michael_Dan with 100m SP. You have to accept my offer on Michael_Dan

I accept your offer and he does have 100 mill sp. Send isk and account info when ready I may not be able to start transfer till a bit later (1700 eve time) if thats ok.

Just to confirm
100 mill sp
Positive wallet
Located in jita
No kil rights
0 clones
0.0 sec status

Michael Dan Isk and account info sent.

1700 is fine

Isk and account info received and the transfer has been started. Thank you.

Any offers ?

Kira Vernius’s Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App

26bil buy out

Kira Vernius 27B

How much for 64million SP?


If you can do 47B, Ill let you have it