WTS 8.2m sp character


PI skills
Cyno V trained.

Non-negative wallet balance.
No Kill rights.
Jump clone located in Jita with full +3 implants.
Currently located in Jita with +5 learning implants.

1.4M unallocated sp.
Handful of skins including DED Army Reserve Pacifier.




What do you want for it?

Let’s start with a threshold of 2 Billion isk, as that will cover my transfer free.


2.1b sir.

Offering 2.2b rn isk ready

2,5b isk

2.6b is my offer

Offer Withdrawn

Offer 3B

I accept your offer of 3B. Character transfer will be initiated upon receipt of isk and account information in game.

Sorry I have to back out of this one.

Of course you do. Best of luck in your hunt.

what was this character mainly used for?

This character does not have any sort of renown from interactions (clean killboard) if that answers your question.


I can start it back up at 2.6b