WTS 8.2m sp character




your skills link seems to be broken.

Interesting; it should be updated now?

Can’t see your skills,
3b offer

It is interesting that the character board lists my skillpoints at 0, I am trying to figure out what the issue is.

Im interested if we can see skills first

I have deleted the skillboard Evie token, waited a few days for refresh, and yet I still get the blank character you see under the current link. Skills have not changed since the character was listed and skills were visible.

Only listing skills trained to IV or V (since there are only 6.2m sp allocated):

Hull Upgrades IV
Mechanics IV
CPU Management V
Capacitor Management IV
Capacitor Systems Operation IV
Electronic Upgrades V
Energy Grid Upgrades IV
Power Grid Management V
Weapon Upgrades IV
Cynosural Field Theory V
Evasive Maneuvering V
Navigation IV
Warp Drive Operation IV
Biology V
Cybernetics V
Infomorph Psychology IV
Advanced Planetology IV
Command Center Upgrades IV
Interplanetary Consolidation IV
Planetology IV
Science IV
EM Shield Compensation IV
Shield Management IV
Shield Operation IV
Shield Upgrades IV
Tactical Shield Manipulation IV
Thermal Shield Compensation IV
Caldari Frigate IV
Spaceship Command IV

6291078 sp tpta;. 0 unallocated.


Updated thread post with additional skill link as the first is still not functioning correctly.

hi ok i see this is in my price range so 3 b can be done - i on game more then on here if want chat about this sale - isk ready -

3.1bil offer.

3.2B offer


3.5 bil offered

Please confirm character still for sale thanks

Character is still for sale.

Please feel free to mail me in game if you have any particular concerns.

3.6B offer
Let me know if you are taking my offer, I am in a kinda hurry.

I am fairly certain with the current upward volatility of plex compared with the current valuation of real life currency, there is little incentive for me as a seller to receive less than what I consider a fair price, as long as the seller continues to be the entity paying the transfer fee.

Ok, mail me in game if you change your mind.