WTS 5 Different characters, from 15m to 110m SP

TheDancer Girl

Corporation Deep Core Mining Inc.
Date of Birth 2010-03-17
Skill Points 78,596,844
Unallocated SP 682,759
Yearly Remap 1
Bonus Remaps 1
Security Status 0.03


Intelligence 20
Perception 30
Charisma 20
Willpower 24
Memory 20

Jump Clones:

Active Clone:

Mid-grade Ascendancy Alpha
Mid-grade Ascendancy Beta
Mid-grade Ascendancy Gamma
Mid-grade Ascendancy Delta
Mid-grade Ascendancy Epsilon
Mid-grade Ascendancy Omega
Eifyr and Co. ‘Rogue’ Evasive Maneuvering EM-703

Other Clones:

Neural Boost - Improved
Ocular Filter - Improved
Cybernetic Subprocessor - Improved

Memory Augmentation - Standard
Neural Boost - Standard
Ocular Filter - Standard
Cybernetic Subprocessor - Standard
Social Adaptation Chip - Standard

Out of 78,5m SP she has:

  1. 31m in Science
  2. 13,9m in Spaceship Command
  3. 10,7m in Production
  4. 6,7m in Navigation
  5. 4,3m in Resource Processing
  6. 3,9m in Trade
  7. 2,6m in Shields
  8. 1,3m in Engineering

Some of the skills she has*:


  1. Jump Drive Calibration V
  2. Jump Drive Operation V
  3. Jump Fuel Conservation V


  1. Advanced Mass Production V
  2. Advanced Medium Ship Construction V
  3. Capital Ship Construction V


  1. Advanced Laboratory Operation V
  2. Amarr Encryption Methods V
  3. Amarr Starship Engineering V
  4. Caldari Encryption Methods V
  5. Caldari Starship Engineering V
  6. Electromagnetic Physics V
  7. Electronic Engineering V
  8. Gallente Encryption Methods V
  9. Gallente Starship Engineering V
  10. Gravition Physics V
  11. High Energy Physics V
  12. Hydromagnetic Physics V
  13. Laser Physics V
  14. Mechanical Engineering V
  15. Minmatar Encryption Methods V
  16. Minmatar Starship Engineering V
  17. Molecural Engineering V
  18. Naninte Engineering V
  19. Nuclear Physics V
  20. Quantum Physics V
  21. Rocket Science V


  1. Tactical Shield Manipulation V

Spaceship Command:

  1. Advanced Spaceship Command V
  2. Caldari Freighter V
  3. Caldari Battlecruiser V
  4. Caldari Cruiser V
  5. Caldari Industrial V
  6. Exhumers V
  7. Mining Barge V
    • I have only listed skills that are trained to V and that are over 1m SP

She can fly caldari freighter and jump freighter. She can also fly t2 caldari industrial ships and t2 mining barges, also orca and porpoise. She was trained to do all sorts of science (31m SP) and production (10,7m SP) jobs. She can do almost everything around science and production - from building supers and titans, manufacturing drugs, doing reactions, inventing blueprints, material and time efficiency research to simple coping blueprints - everything you want. I used her also for hauling and mining. Swiss army knife of all sorts of industry, science, manufacturing and mining activities. She is a money machine that never stops - if you have some isk to start off the business. She has 680k unallocated SP.

I want for her no less than 80b. Buyout is 90b.


I will confirm sale from all of them, when I will be back at home today.

Also I don’t check mails in game, so if you want to send one, please, right it down here, so I will now, that I have to log in. :slight_smile:

@Ragnar_Nabali contacted in-game

@Ragnar_Nabali. I have sent you an email in-game. Also, just paste their Eveskillboard link next time lol I appreciate the detail though

I’m for sale

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10b for Mac and 23b for Verbatim.

Sent reply in-game

I’m for sale

I’m for sale

I’m for sale

I’m for sale

25b for verbatim

14b for Mac Jefferson

100B for Remora

@Chamomile_Tea I agree for 25b. If no one outbids you till the evening you will get him. I should be back at home around 18-20 eve time.

@Loo_Poo I agree for 14b. If no one outbids you till the evening you will get him. I should be back at home around 18-20 eve time.

105B for Remora

@beeno_jobs almost there, however I would like to get a little bit more for that character.
I’ve noticed your bid, and I will contact you if no one give me better price for her.

OK wait for your message

Remora 105.5 bil

Mail me in order to secure the details:)