WTS 5 Different characters, from 15m to 110m SP

108B for Remora. isk tomorrw will be relldy

Hi @Ragnar_Nabali isk ready. Let me know that I’ve secured Mac Jefferson and I’ll send isk so we can start the transfer process.

@Chamomile_Tea I agree for your price, however I need one more day to move some assets from this character. I will be late from work today, and I wont have enough time to do it this evening. So can we do the process tomorrow around 18-20 eve time?

@Loo_Poo I agree for your price. You can send the isk and account name. I will start the process as soon as I will be back at home from work.

Hi @Ragnar_Nabali payment of 14b sent to Mac Jefferson as well as in-game mail with my EVE account details.

Thank you.

Remora : 109 B Isk

113 B for Remora
My offer is ready only today to 16:00 Eve time.

@Michael_Gogolowski I accept your offer. I will be back at home around 18-20 eve time, and then I can start the transfer.

I sent 113 B Isk to Remora Slayblood account and sent mail in the game, with account name to the character transfer.

Send me information, when transfer is ready to go.

@Loo_Poo I have started the transfer process.

@Michael_Gogolowski I have started the transfer process.


Hi @Ragnar_Nabali … I normally get an email from EVE Online saying a character transfer is in progress… I haven’t received this email yet … are you sure you’re transferring to the correct EVE account?


Yes @Loo_Poo, I’m sure that the account name is correct. You didn’t get mail, because I used plex to transfer this character. Yesterday I made a support ticket to transfer it to your account. From my experience it usually takes less then 24 hours to complete the transfer. I have done this multiple times and I didn’t have any problems yet. I can send you a screenshot with support ticket if you want. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I still do not have a character (Remora Slayblood) on my account.
I do not have any mail from support with information about the transfer.

@Michael_Gogolowski I used plex to transfer the character you bought to your account. I made a support ticket to initiate the transfer process. It should take about 24 hours or less to complete the transfer. Look at the post above.

22 hours have passed since the start of the character transfer, and I do not even have messages from the support about the start of the transfer process.
When I bought a character from you, you did not inform me that you will non-standard paying and the process may be extended by unknown time.
Always after the transfer process begins, the character is on the buyer’s account before 12 hours.

Ragnar Nabali, where is the character I bought?

Hi @Ragnar_Nabali,

Mac Jefferson received. Thank you!

@Loo_Poo thank you for the confirmation.

@Michael_Gogolowski character you bought should be on your account. I recived email from Customer Support that the character is transferred.

Sorry for the delay, usually it takes less than 24h to complete the transfer.

Character transfer finalized.

Thank you.