WTS 8.6m sp character

Character still very much for sale.

PI skills
Cyno V trained.

Non-negative wallet balance.
No Kill rights.
Jump clone located in Jita with full +3 implants.
Currently located in Jita with +5 learning implants.

1.8M unallocated sp.
Handful of skins including DED Army Reserve Pacifier.

6B minimum offer.
7.5B buyout.



Bid withdrawn, your attitude sucks. Keep your trash toon

Excuse me for “intervening” but, 20 euro, which is the transfer fee, is actually 400 plex if you compare it to store prices, further below IF you compare it to ingame prices.
Now now, to the toon in question, you barely have any 5/5 skills or anything at all to be specialized in, you ld be lucky getting extraction value + premium, just saying.

5B Best offer I can give for this toon

5.5B offer

Bid withdrawn

Please contain responses to this thread in the form of bids meeting my minimum threshold or above, as listed in the original post.

Thank you for the free bump.

r u still for selling?

Character is still for sale.

I can offer 5.5bill

Still for sale?


3B b/o if u can trade today, isk ready.

Please update the skillboard to char.tools4eve.com

3.5b b/o

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