WTB ALL Industrial Focused Characters!

I am looking to purchase any and all industrial focused characters! Post Skillboards below!!!

  • Paying at or above estimated extraction price!
  • Preferably Cybernetics V is nice but I will consider all for the right price!

All Char Bazzar Rules apply. Positive Wallet/NPC Only.


Whey bigger SP than what you’re looking for but it is a perfect indi, rorq, repro char - Have a look.

What are you hoping to get for it?


If you want to extract it down to 5M SP leaving these skills you can make 125b and I will pay 2.5b for what is left!

Biology I
Laboratory Operation I
Research I
Reactions I
Infomorph Psychology I
Drug Manufacturing I
Metallurgy I
Industry II
Advanced Small Ship Construction I
Biology II
Laboratory Operation II
Research II
Reactions II
Infomorph Psychology II
Drug Manufacturing II
Advanced Small Ship Construction II
Cybernetics II
Metallurgy II
Industry III
Mass Production I
Advanced Industry I
Advanced Industrial Ship Construction I
Mass Production II
Advanced Industry II
Advanced Industrial Ship Construction II
Biology III
Laboratory Operation III
Research III
Reactions III
Mass Reactions I
Mass Reactions II
Infomorph Psychology III
Mass Production III
Mass Reactions III
Drug Manufacturing III
Advanced Small Ship Construction III
Cybernetics III
Advanced Industry III
Metallurgy III
Advanced Industrial Ship Construction III
Biology IV
Research IV
Reactions IV
Remote Reactions I
Remote Reactions II
Remote Reactions III
Laboratory Operation IV
Scientific Networking I
Scientific Networking II
Scientific Networking III
Infomorph Psychology IV
Mass Production IV
Supply Chain Management I
Supply Chain Management II
Supply Chain Management III
Cybernetics IV
Biology V
Cybernetics V
Mechanics IV
Industry IV
Mass Reactions IV
Drug Manufacturing IV
Advanced Small Ship Construction IV
Advanced Medium Ship Construction I
Advanced Medium Ship Construction II
Advanced Medium Ship Construction III
Advanced Industry IV
Metallurgy IV
Scientific Networking IV
Supply Chain Management IV
Remote Reactions IV
Advanced Industrial Ship Construction IV
Science V
Advanced Medium Ship Construction IV
Advanced Large Ship Construction I
Advanced Large Ship Construction II
Advanced Large Ship Construction III
Mechanics V
Industry V
Laboratory Operation V
Advanced Laboratory Operation I
Advanced Laboratory Operation II
Advanced Laboratory Operation III
Advanced Laboratory Operation IV
Mass Production V
Advanced Mass Production I
Advanced Mass Production II
Advanced Mass Production III
Advanced Mass Production IV
Mass Reactions V
Advanced Mass Reactions I
Advanced Mass Reactions II
Advanced Mass Reactions III
Advanced Mass Reactions IV
Advanced Industry V
Capital Ship Construction I
Capital Ship Construction II
Capital Ship Construction III
Capital Ship Construction IV

Thanks for the reply, good thinking but I’ll keep it as it is. Good luck!

What would you offer for me?


5.7M SP with positive Wallet, no kill rights or standings.

I could offer 2.5b!

Thanks, but I decline. I’ll rather continue learning for a while to achieve a better price.

What were you hoping to get?

I can offer 3.5. That’s my top offer.

4B B/O ISK ready


Yes, How much are you willing to let it go for?

I can offer 15b!

Character Sheet Interested in this?

I can offer 1b!

I can offer 48b! o7