WTB any Dread Pilot (Found Closed)

Found Close please

how do you like this?

Its carrier pilot…but I m looking for dread/marauder pilot.
it adds extra ISK requirment in it and u have more capital skillbooks unlocked.

Still Looking

Msg ingame :email: → Marauder Pilot.

Please reply to my mail in game
Or we can talk here if u r not active on ur alt.

Still looking

Still looking

Any Dread/Marauder pilot out there looking for new master !!!

Another day no pilot found me yet.

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Another day Still looking

Looking looking

Still Looking

Sent u eve mail

Another day still looking

Do they need to fly both? I have a character that can fly 3 race marauders. Close to 90 mill sp

Mailed u ingame

Selling myself. Marauder pilot, can fly vargur and paladin.