WTB Armor Marauder Characters (Kronos/Paladin or close to)

Looking to buy Kronos or Paladin pilots, anywhere from 5 to 60m SP, characters that are close to these ships but not fully speced for them will be considered as well. I am looking to buy multiple.

31 Million SP Kronos pilot with level 4 mission agents (Thukker) and a Kronos fully fitted but not bling, fully trained into micro jump drives and drone skills are decent.

Magic 14 covered.


Sounds pretty good, i’m interested. Can I get a skills list link and an idea of what you’re looking for?

Hi there,

apologies for the delay - links as follows:

Eurten Hurtini Skill & Standings Sheet (tools4eve.com)

28.5billion Has fully fitted Kronos and positive ISK wallet?



No problem, char looks good, I accept. Isk and mail coming shortly.

Isk and mail have been sent.


Let me know if there are any problems and thank you!

This should be completed tonight 8.32 pm

Character received, thank you. Still looking for more characters.

Bump, still interested in more chars.

Im available.
A High Grade and a Mid Grade pod both in jita
Paladin and Vargur pilot Currently
1 Day off being a Kronos Pilot
1.1M free SP.
Marauder V

Thank you for the reply, I will pass on this one.



Hey, please take a moment to see the character I’m selling, can it meet your requirements https://char.tools4eve.com/character.php?name=sakurakill


I accept your offer.42B.

I can transfer in anytime.

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