[WTB] Looking for a marauder toon 20b Max. Not Amarr preferred

Looking to getting a Marauder pilot. i was thinking maybe a bare bones pilot that can fly the ship. No need for T2’s be required. i can get all that.

could be a stripped toon that was used for SP farming. doesnt matter much.

Looking at around 20bil for max buy. that is why i was just looking for something stripped down. i know a lot of this is PVP or Mining. just trying and hoping. thanks for reading


Selling this one

looks really good. i need a min to get the money up before i make a offer that isnt just a massive lowball

i think the best i can do is like 27 bil

IL pass then; if i dont find buyer just gonna skill it to Phoenix

thats fair. i wasnt expecting a deal with that either. thanks for showing it though!

Bumping this again

Up the post goes



still looking. thanks!


shooting my shot again

Bump and looking for something other than a paladin if able. i can fly one now and was just looking for something else



I Could strip him down: Spiralnomad Skill & Standings Sheet (tools4eve.com)

But what roughly SP would you want and how much would you pay?

just enough to fly the ship if you want to go that far. i will buy it around 15 bil so what you think would work. i appreciate you. i also know that this is if you dont find a buyer. i appreciate the offer and will wait to see what you say. Gallente preferred since you have 3. then caldari. i fly a paladin and want to try something else.

Hes got a bit of omega left, so I will at least run the time down on the account to get one more injector outta him. But hes being sold or stripped and sold when the time comes.

sounds good. i will wait for the outcome