WTB AT Ships / Supers

Currently buying all AT ships and Supercarriers + Titans.

Please send your offer by in-game mail to: Gaylord Butts

ISK Ready…

Still buying

Just bought another Levi yesterday, still open for more business

Bring em on…

Need some ISK to pay for the asset releases from your camped keepstar? Sell me your AT ships!

Will trade a eurbus and a cadies for your fiend

No thanks

Still buying, ISK ready

need more ships

What are you willing to pay for a Nyx w/T2 Trimarks

please mail me ingame when you have an offer

Sent mail ingame.

Still buying, could use some titans ATM

Need titans. Damn

Yes, i am also selling this stuff:

still need more stuff

Ragnarok from Maila?

selling for 79b

Still buying your stuff…

I have an Erebus in Maila i want to sell

Fully Fitted 79b


Evemail me for contract

Price isnt gonna change so dont ask, its already 3b less than what its worth