WTB Avatar Pilot or Avatat & Leviathan Pilot Char

As title, no need for other ship skills and price is not a problem. I will be honored if you kindly provide your propsal with whatever quotation you want. Thank you!

Best Regards!

Bump, looking forward to any response.





My avatar toon mastery 4 will be ready for auction next Saturday the 27/05/2023 so add me ok

Sure, could you share your character details? Skills etc.

at the moment i cannot as i reworked my skills and its not giving me an accurate skill set

Firstly i haven’t bought the titan skill book and i have a few mastery gunnery skills to complete but i am going to buy some more plex next Friday to finish it off it will be well worth the wait ok

Understood, looking forward to your notice of completion O7.

sent the skill sheet to your email hope it helps

upon getting into a avatar i am only 1 hr and 30 mins away

Hi sorry for wasting your time but due to financial reasons to me I cannot let you have this account next weeks stated due to a financial set back I am sorry

Never mind, thank you for your time.

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