Wtb Bpo/Bpc packs

Just getting into industry and looking for starter bpo/bpc packs and random. Want to try different things so mix bag is great. Ingame mail or here is fine. Would like to pick up in amarr.

I have a maxed out venture blueprint.
Also doing some drones at the moment not sure if you are interested?

What drones do you have?

Mainly light and medium, mining etc but can do heavy ones too just need some time.

If you need BPC with max ME and TE I can do them quicker.

im selling BPOs that require only the skills and minerals: :darkbeerparrot::darkbeerparrot: BPOs For Sale...in Amarr. :darkbeerparrot::darkbeerparrot: check there for whats on offer atm. ive got other BPOs if those dont interest you.

Check ARLAB Shop, we sell BPCs and BPOs on request :wink:

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