WTB C/1 or C/2 WH with hi sec static

smaller Corp Looking to move into a wh . Joining Alliance and would like to ha a place to work out off…Contact in game with price and info…

big ben dawn

Timezone - are you online around 8:00pm CST
( lol = Texas time )

Mail me

ah yes same timezone i am currently in Kansas

My (alts) corp - c2 Hi/c3 statics - has reduced numbers because “real-life” comes first.

We are open to sharing, things are easier with a few more hands on deck, that is if you are friendly and don’t mind the occasional swear word or bad joke over comms.

sure that sounds good…and as far as a bad joke…is the only one not told…i will be on later about 6 pm ur time

Bump still looking


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