WTB C5/C5 - Bringing More Content to High-Class WHs

We understand that most C5/C5 wormholes are typically controlled by large groups, making it challenging to secure a foothold, when evicting a farm hole is off the table. Given the nature of farm wars, or even smaller groups looking to get into C5 space. I am looking for the opportunity to acquire a few C5 wormholes of any flavor to facilitate the transition of Corps from C2/C4 space.

We currently have two eager and willing corporations ready to take the leap, and we have been actively searching for new holes for several weeks.

Please note - This is not a rental program, I am gifting the hole to these corps and helping defend along with other groups. We are generally looking to get more corps into the C5 space. This helps all other C5 groups on a day to day with content.

If you’re interested in expanding the horizons and bringing more content to high-class space, Please in-game message me (Kill Pain).

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