WTB C6/2 any flavor with fort 50b

WTB C6/2 any flavor (not CV) with fort 50b

Hi! We can look for such system (C6 with C2 static, right?), make it free, anchor a Fortizar, and make a trade. Since we will need to do some search – do you have any preferences?
List of such systems:
J104859 Pulsar
J105705 Cataclysmic Variable
J115923 Vanilla
J135504 Red Giant
J151325 Pulsar
J155838 Vanilla
J164745 Cataclysmic Variable
Also, we will need to do some reconing after system is found. It can be holded by our friends, or it can have timers far from our TZ – so, no guarantees we will accept this task.

hey mail me in game to this character : keyowner



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