WTB Capital Ships Focused Pilot (Rorqual/Carrier/Dread/JF) with perfect / near perfect skills

I’m looking for a toon focused on piloting with near perfect or (better) perfect dedicated skills :

  • Rorqual
  • Carrier / Supercarrier
  • Dreadnought
  • Jump Freighter

I have a preference for Gallente ships, but a toon able to pilot the 4 races ships is again better !

I don’t care about skins.

Thanks by advance for your answers !

All 4 dreads perfectly

thx for your suggestion, but i’m looking for a toon able to pilot at least 3 categories of ships listed in my first message.

2007 char

208 mil out of which 2.2 reallocable

250 bil

bump !

WTS 40mil SP Rorqual + Naglfar would you be interested in this toon?

bump !

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