WTS 40mil SP Rorqual + Naglfar

40mil SP Rorqual + Naglfar pilot

T2 Siege and Capital Turrets
T2 Industrial Core

in high sec, positive wallet, 4.5 standing, No Kill rights

+it has a great name!


38 Billion ISK right here

thank you for your offer but 40 bil would be my bare minimum, has specific skills for two great hulls so i am hoping for a bit more though

40 bil

bid noted thank you buy out at 50 bil

41 bil

bid noted thank you

One bump per 24 hour period, thank you.

cyno Isimazu i accept your bid of 41 bil, send isk with your account name and i will initiate transfer

sent it to you,and maill you my account information

isk received, account transfered

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