WTS Perfect rorqual miner + refiner // starter titan pilot 43 mil sp

Looking to sell me t2 Rorqual pilot also bridging titan alt just needs titan SB injected 2hrs from rag and all pre reqs for bridging. Also refining toon.

pw: 1234

1 remap available
positive wallet
positive sec status

starting bid 40 BIL
reserve hidden
B/O 60 BIL

dropped corp ready to transfer to the right bidder

41bil offer


appreciate the offer looking for a little more :slight_smile:

I will offer you 44b for him, take it or leave it.
This is more then he is actualy worth fyi.

only been up a few hours not trying unload asap will entertain the auction longer i know what he is worth

I must say its a nice Rorqual character yes, But perfect is a far stretch. I think he made you a pretty decent offer. GL with sale nonetheless.

daily bump

Nahir will accept 44bil if your offer stands?

yes it does.

Contact me in game, im online now.

isk recieved sold for 44 bil toon in transfer

Character recieved, thanks!

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