SOLD [WTS] Rorqual Pilot 34,284,203 SP
I think he is max yield for ore, No Kill rights, Positive Wallet, Only been in two Non NPC corp.
Has started training other skills
8 ship skins, 2 for Rorqual
Next remap available March 2019
1 Jump Clone Low Sec with 1 jump to high
Currently located Perimeter in an Interceptor Docked
Nil Bounties
Realistic Offers Only
Omega expires 27 Nov

You need to make a post confirming he’s for sale, otherwise ISD will lock your thread.


I am for sale

20 billion


23 bil offered

24 bil

24.5 bil

Considering Extracting and Biomassing

25 bil buyout. More than you will get for extracting

I will come up to 27 bil bo

27.5 bil

28bil just to let you know i have a bid on another character as there has been no response in 11 hours. If my offer is accepted for the other character i will have to pull out of buying this one.

sorry I had to go away My appoligies

Thats ok are you still for sale? ive been the highest bidder so far for about 30 odd hours i think.

Yes of course

If you send isk its yours

Account name and isk sent to Commander Darkseed as requested

Logging him in now move isk and commence transfer