WTB Carrier + Dread Toon

(Fegion Of Darkness) #1

I have recently moved into Nullsec and would like to get myself a Carrier/Dread toon for ops/

T2 Fighters
Good Navigation Skills
Carrier 4 At least.
Dread 4 At least.
Must have Seige.- Triage is a bonus

Blops is a massive bonus but wont be focusing on looking for it.

Thank you

(Dominus Providebit) #2


Check this one

password: 123

(Seth Foiritan) #3

check this

(Bayaz Altol) #4

(Kon Kre8r) #5

Multi Carrier capable and All T2 Fighters/Support Fighters/Heavy Fighters
Also run Widow or Panther Black Ops
Sooooo many more skills than most others posted on here
AND THE ONLY CAPITAL/BLACK OPS character with clean record
So you will NOT have ANY Corp and/or Alliance hunting you!
Really take a look to see all the rest

(Deathgate1) #6

Highly focussed Amarr cap pilot | Perfect Dread, Carrier, & Super skills + JF 5