WTS JDC 5 Moros Pilot 17 mil sp

(Bayaz Altol) #1


Decent skill for a Moros. Also has skill books plugged in for a Thanny.
No kill rights
In high sec
Also have a few useful skills for an alt.
All around with a little love this could be a really useful alt.

Make offers, willing to sell quick.

WTB Carrier + Dread Toon
(Sparky Eto) #2

9,5 bil Since way long to work on him to be a good moros pilot

(Colonel Mo) #3

11 b/o now

(Bayaz Altol) #4

Hmm, looks like a bit of a flurry of bids. I have two offers at 15 bil. So they are top for now.

(Lisa Nardieu) #5

12bil b/o ready now

(Gary Bell) #6

14 bo mail me

(Bayaz Altol) #7

Confirmed Send isk and account info.

(Gary Bell) #8

Biomass complete send whenever