WTB carrier focused toon

Im not looking for 100m sp toons

A carrier sitter could be fine for the right price


Take a look at me.

Focussed Gallente Carrier sitter from 2012


What kind of price did you have in mind? Im thinking around 8b

Looking for closer to 10B, those skillbooks cost a fair bit!

They do! You spent about 1.5b on the skillbooks, which is included in the math!

A 7m sp character is worth around 5-6b
I am offering 8b, which i think is a very fair offer.

Feel free to check other posts with similar SP characters to see the offers!

I have a 28m SP toon that was a Rorq pilot as well at some point.


I can do 29b within the next 24hrs! Lmk!

If that 8b is an offer then I will accept it and am around now.

Check me out


After further investigation, i am recuding the offer to 6b.
It can be done before the week ends

I am able to offer 17b for it!



If you’re still looking, I have this toon that sits in a chimera and is training relevant skills for piloting it, and is 10 days out from sitting in a dread.

I am interested but away for the next week if thats ok with you, ill make an offer!

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