==> WTB <== Characters between 15-125m sp

isk and info sent

isk and info received
character transferred

Confirmation email received. Thank you for a smooth transaction.

@Liksor_Ataru 38 bill

I agree, just explain the transfer procedure to me

ok. I send isk and info to you. Then you transfer the isk and all assets to another character. Then u log out, go to account page, and at the bottom you see the service transfer character, you pay 20USD, and then it completes automatically after a 10 hours delay. Ready now?

Let’s do it tomorrow afternoon, because it’s the middle of the night. Ок?

Ok np. What time approx. EVE time?

12:00 eve time

Ok deal

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offer? https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Amber_Kai

17 bill

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@Rhonan_Irwin 56 bill

Hi. I’m ready to transfer. Waiting for instructions.



56m sp between both.


41m sp, asking 30b obo

Your offer ?

Here she is what is ur proposal?