==> WTB <== Characters between 15-125m sp

Hi @tennys_tan. Just a friendly advice: since you already have a starter gallente combat toon (Poizon Zech) I would suggest you buy a cloaky cyno and an allround indy / transport alt. That would give you a good trio with many options. You should be able to find them around 5m sp if you are patient.

Thank you for your proposal, but I am helping my friend to buy

Kk. If it is his first char, go for a starter combat char.

Because we don’t have much money, we can’t afford too much, and now we can’t find the right one

Be patient

Please take a look at this toon


Passwords 321

Thanks in advance

5.1 B Isk

This char was extracted after it had been listed for sale, which is against the rules for character sales. I have no interest in bidding on characters that do not strictly follow the rules for char sales.

character is still for sale 73 million SP as advertised on my original sale thread, ive also update all my WTB thread i’m involved in, to keep it concise


pass 321

original thread here WTS main character 73 million SP - Want Quick Sale

Not interested. I am sure you can find another buyer.

The ISK balance on this char is 703 millon ISK,
so 6 B would be okay for me, if I can still take that away, 5.3 would be okay for me. What do you say ?

My english is quite weak, and I haven’t quite understood the transfer process yet.
But I am interested that it works perfectly

@Baltek_X You should remove all assets from your char before selling. The price is only for the char.

Thanks for the hint and sorry I did not know this.

So, 5.5 billion?

Current positive balance is 36 million ISK and location is Perimeter 1 Jump from Jita
5.3 billion is okay for me.

I’m not familiar with the transfer procedure but maybe you can help.

Please give me a offer.

13 bill

Thanks. I suppose this is fair. But I will fiddle with him a little longer and retract from selling.

@Luis_Fromage 26 bill

send isk and I will start the transfer