WTB contracts and unrepackageable items?

okay to start off i would like to explain that with the recent changes to the Ice market and all that comes with it, I am doing my very best to keep a service running for as many people as possible regarding Fuel blocks

My plan was to let alliance members set WTB contracts to the corporation handling all the fuelblocks and from there accept those contracts for delivery…

all is well and all is good, Contracts was made with payment and everything… Happy as one can be i pressed YES and from there it all broke down.

"One or more required items are missing. At least the following item is missing: Nitrogen Fuel Block. These items must be in your personal hangar at (System) - (Citadel)

NOTE: The items must be repackaged before finalizing this transaction."

and fuelblocks cant be repackaged, So arent we supposed to be able to sell fuelblocks using contracts or how are we supposed to go around the repackaging issue?

/Eshika- The icemining swede

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