[SERVICE] Fuel Block Purchase and Delivery

Fuel Block Purchase and Delivery

This service is currently in open beta!

Ageira Incorporated now provides fuel block purchase and delivery services.
Structures require a steady supply of fuel, and you may not have the ability to manufacture the necessary fuel blocks yourself (or don’t want to).

You also don’t want to shuttle between the trade hub and you structures every time. With our service, you no longer have to. We buy the blocks you need at the trade hub and take care of delivering them to the NPC station of your choice.

You don’t pay a single ISK until the fuel blocks have already arrived at its destination.

This way you can focus on whatever part of Eve Online you wish.

Find out your price by using our Calculator.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does your process work?

When a request comes in, one of our team at the selected trade hub will purchase the fuel blocks. Then they will set up a public courier contract, which anyone is able to accept. Once the contract has been fulfilled and the fuel blocks have arrived at their destination, our team will contract the items to you for the calculated fee.

What happens if the package is destroyed en-route?

We will contact you and you may decide to have us try again.

How fast is your delivery service?

Our team strives to get the courier contract out within 24 hours after your request comes in.

Because of the uncertainty of using the public courier contracts system, we do not and can not guarantee a delivery interval. You should never rely on a single source for your fuel blocks, and always have spares!

When the courier contract has been completed, the items will be contracted to you witin 24 hours.

Don’t you deliver directly to my structure?

It is currently not possible to deliver to structures directly by using our tool.

If you would like to discuss delivery directly to your structure(s), contact Dakara Chart in-game or join the channel Ageira Life.

Can I set up a recurring delivery?

Yes, you can! Contact Dakara Chart in-game or join the channel Ageira Life.

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