Fit For All - browse and order fittings

Fit For All - Browse fittings, order directly and have them shipped from Jita

Announcing the public beta of Fit For All, where you can browse ship fittings (or import your own) and have them shipped directly from Jita.

While the beta lasts NO COMMISSION on your orders! Order now!

Fit for All lets you:

  • Browse fittings or import your own

  • Check which skills are required for a particular fitting

  • Check the Jita price for a particular fitting (other locations to be added)

  • Order fittings directly from the site and have them shipped from Jita to anywhere in New Eden by PushX (other options to be added).

  • View your character FFA wallet balance

Help test and order your favorite fittings now!


How does it work?

When you want to order a fitting, you can customize it to your liking first. The next step is to select a delivery station (FFA does not currently service structures) and you will be shown your total price.

To start the process you are expected to pay a 20% deposit on your order. When you have done so, your order will be moved to the queue where it will be picked up by - well, lonely me, currently.

I will then purchase the requested items and set up a courier contract. Once the items have reached their destination I will contract them to you for the remainder of the order price.

Why only Jita?

Jita, being the largest trade hub in New Eden, seemed the logical place to start. In a short while I will be adding Amarr as an option. Hopefully this will be followed by other locations.

This is your second service in a short time. Why?

Referring to this forum post about fuel block delivery.

We’re all looking for our place in New Eden. This is just me trying (and sometimes failing) to find my way. I’d like to offer a service that’s worthwhile, while also making a little ISK in the process.

The fuel block delivery service will return in short order as part of the Ageira family. Very soon you will be able to order and get anything from the major trade hubs.

Why did you waive the commission for the beta?

Testing is a fickle thing. Eventually you have to run it under real-world conditions. That’s what a public beta is for. You may experience problems with your order, which isn’t very nice when you’re paying for a smooth service.

The public beta will reveal any problems with the order and delivery process, which can then be fixed to provide a satisfying service.

You can help by reporting anything you suspect is a bug.

What is this about a wallet?

Ageira and Fit For All provide you with a wallet which serves as a sort of escrow; it allows you to instantly pay for your orders instead of having to pay us the old-fashioned way. Your orders also get priority when you pay for your order (or the deposit) directly from your wallet.

To deposit funds into your wallet, give ISK to Ageria Finance [AGFI] (corporation) and add the word “wallet” in the reason field. Your ISK will show up within half an hour.

To use funds from your wallet, you have to do nothing! If your funds cover the whole order price, the total price will be deducted. If your funds cover the deposit, the deposit will be deducted from your wallet balance. If you have insufficient funds, you can still pay the deposit directly.

What have you done to prevent theft of the wallet funds?

All wallet funds are kept by Ageira Finance, headed by an alpha alt of mine. This alt is and will ever be the only member of the wallet corporation, preventing third parties access antirely. The reverse of this is a single point of failure; I could get run over by a bus, or I could one day wake up and decide to steal all the ISK.

You must make your own risk calculation.

I have another question!

Great! Ask it here or send me an Evemail! You can also join Ageira Life, which I will be in when I’m online. There also is an Ageira Discord server where you can find me.

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