From fit to build Indy Tool?

Hey there,

I’m looking for an “app” where I can take a fitting drop it into this “app” and it would spit out everything I need to build. Saving the fit would be a bonus.

I have used Lazy Black Smith (demo site) and Those are good if I’m looking for the mats to build a one or many of a single “thing”. If I’m wrong, please let me know, but I didn’t see a way to do complete fits.

Thank you!


This would fall into the realm of “grind out your own spreadsheet” at the moment. I have considered resuming my own pet project on such a tool, but there is one major consideration to take into account. What point in the manufacturing step do you start at, or want to start at? If it’s a T2 fit, are you buying the adv components off the market? Manufacturing them? If you’re manufacturing them, are you buying the materials, or reacting? Buying materials for the adv reactions, or doing the intermediate reactions? What about for the intermediate reactions? Are you buying the raw goo, or mining/buying the ore? Are you buying or mining the ice/pi needed for the reactions along the entire way?

I have a spreadsheet from someone in my alliance that is able to answer the above questions for hulls alone, and it’s already a massive chunk of work they put in for that already. I cant imagine the work necessary if he did modules and ammo and whatnot too.

Great questions!

For me, I try to build as much as I can but I would like the option to see what it looks like if I was just to buy it from Jita (or a market hub) vs build it. If I need a reaction then I’d like to see the cost to make it vs buy it.

I think that is something else I would like to have in this “app” too. I would like to track prices of items that were just purchased vs made. So if I got a really good deal on say DC IIs, I’d like to track that.

Are you at liberty to share the sheet you have, Krysenth?



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