Theorycrafter MVP

Hi all.

I’m writing a new fitting tool, and it’s ready for pre-pre-alpha testing, so I’d like your feedback.

The main focus of Theorycrafter is to be convenient and fast for experienced theorycrafters, so there’s no market tree, and instead there’s decent (and improving) auto-suggest.

You can get the Windows and Mac OS X installers here: Theorycrafter - Google Drive


Man that looks great. Appreciate your work mate.
I’ll take a look at it o7
Calculations when Overheating
Calculations for Remote Reps
Calculations with logged in account and matched skills
edit: it is working with a clean and nice interface but it lacks a ton of features like synchronising skills/fits/implants/etc, market price, overheating, abyssal mods and so on but i believe it is a good start to continue working on

Yes, this is a very early release and I have a huge list of features in my TODO. I’m looking more for testing and feedback on the existing functionality rather than suggestions for additional features.

Overheating should work, by the way. Does it not work for you?

What’s the difference to or advantages over Pyfa besides dark mode?

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It’s more convenient.

What I find convenient about Pyfa is how Pyfa:

  • allows more insight in the used PG/CPU of modules than the ingame simulator
  • how the market tree mirrors the one I use ingame, so modules can easily be found by category (I hardly remember names)
  • how Pyfa allows me to simulate drugs, impants, different skill levels
  • and all the simulations between ships: application of damage or effect of bursts or ewar on other ships

I’m not at my PC, so cannot try Theorycrafter, but what is it that makes your program more convenient than the ingame simulator or than Pyfa?

It looks very nice now but there are some missing features like:

  • PG / CPU used by module
  • option to factor weapon reload
  • button to apply whole implant set
  • fit price / buy list
  • support for abyssal modules / mutated drones
  • applying links
  • sorting system for fits
  • pasting items / modules
  • choosing drug side effects
  • filaments / deployables in cargo
  • RAH patterns

And bugs:

  • stacked drones count as one
  • drugs applied to ancillary SB don’t show boost bonus %
  • HICs WDFG don’t show duration
  • drones don’t export properly

Played around with it for a short amount of time

I like:
Showing how each mod affects the ship easily (MWD adds 548% speed, rig provides 30% lock range, plate provides xyz HP, that rep gives you xzy ehp/s)
Showing stacking penalties
Nicer way of displaying charges (and what they do, like the first point)
It’s very snappy, fast - I am so used to the pyfa delay, just try and see the stats of something after overheating, it’s a surreal experience to see that this is done instantly
The way that stats that are affected are highlighted for a sec if you change something about a fit

What I think needs improving or would like to see (or maybe I’m just dumb):

Better selection of modules - if I want 3x gyro stab, I can’t just copy the mod 3 times easily. Similarly, if I want to change the meta level, I need to type in the mod again. In pyfa this is solved by right clicking the mod, then you have the option to select a different meta (and if you press ctrl all of the mods will change).
Being able to see the fitting - having a search bar that shows you all the different items and their fittings is kind of nice, even though I agree that a mirrored market list isn’t necessary.
Copy-pasting abyssal mods

Ship stats under links (being able to choose - command destroyer links (2% per level), command ship links, unbonused links, mindlink in or out). Basically different configuration of links one might have. Simulating different skills isn’t necessary I think. In pyfa I have fits saved that do nothing but provide link simulation. Instead of doing that it would be nice to select for example: Interdiction Maneuevers, Rapid Deployment - Command Destroyer - Mindlink and then being able to toggle individual links on/off easily.
Github page possibly

I feel like having made an app to this level already is extremely nice. Pyfa doesn’t run on many osx systems anymore (I spoke to Kadesh about this, he has been experiencing the same issue). This is super fast too. Many functionalities don’t seem that far-fetched to implement, I am very curious about future iterations.

It’s too early to throw feature requests at me, especially if it’s just the standard Pyfa features. I’m already aware and am working on them.

But thanks for the bug reports!

  • stacked drones count as one: do you mean that the drone DPS in the stats panel is shown as if there’s only one drone? That I’ve already fixed. Or did you mean something else?
  • drugs applied to ancillary SB don’t show boost bonus %: Thanks! Fixed.
  • HICs WDFG don’t show duration: Added
  • drones don’t export properly: Thanks! Fixed.

Similarly, if I want to change the meta level, I need to type in the mod again.

You can press right/left to scroll through the item variants. I will add the right-click menu, but later. Check out the ‘i’ circle at the bottom right of the fitting section for more useful shortcuts.

Many functionalities don’t seem that far-fetched to implement, I am very curious about future iterations.

Yes, as I mentioned this is a very preliminary release. The main goal is to get feedback/bug reports.

This is super awesome. Adding the CPU-PG things will be enough to make me switch from PYFA :slight_smile:
I also wish there was an acronym search function. PYFA allows “masb” for Medium Ancillary Shield Booster, “dcu 2” for Damage Control II, and even “bcu 2” for Ballistic Control System (because Unit was the old name).

What do you mean by “CPU-PG” things?

Theorycrafter already recognizes all acronyms (e.g. “masb” for Medium Ancillary Shield Booster). As for old names (dcu), I may add them, but it’s pretty low on my TODO list.

He likely means the CPU and PG used for each module.

One of the things that the ingame simulator lacks is easy insight in the amount of CPU and PG that each individual module uses.

Pyfa does show these stats in separate columns in the fitting window, which is one of the major reasons I use Pyfa for ship fits.

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