The ship fitting tool to support mining

I have a lot of love for the fitting tool.

It saves expense, ie ripping rigs, buying stuff that won’t fit because of CPU, Cap etc.

Can you please show the mining amount on the sidebar?


I second that motion.

As someone who has done considerably way too much mining for their own sanity (and then returning to the game to repeat it years later) DPS calculations won’t work for mining output because it’s scaled with your target but I would understand it saying how much veldspar/s or /c being put in as a total.

In Pyfa, if you’re looking at a mining ship, the “dps” display shows zero dps. Which makes sense. But you can click on it and it’ll switch to “mining amount” which is, iirc, m3 per cycle. Which is good to know.

Uh what. Mining is m/s and the volume mined doesn’t change if you change ores. Well ok with crystals it does. But those can show the specific ore and everything else. It’s at most 2 entries.

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Thanks dude. Baby steps. Just the total mining rate will do. Just like the current dps calc. drones + lasers + rigs.

WE all should know now that going for high dps without thinking about whether it will apply, well is insanity. And we would all like the fitting tool replace with a pytha-esk simulator. So we can actually have real convos about using the right resists and dps type, verses high dps.

But for now, I think most just want the raw mining amount, pretty please CCP.

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I’m confused. This is my default condition anyway, but, which fitting tool?

If you use the in-game fitting tool it always tells you the mining amount anyway. OK, you have to mouse over whatever mining fit you have, and then possibly multiply x 2, but it always changes with your other fits. Put in an MLU or three, change crystals etc, and the predicted mining amount changes.

Am I missing something here??

Last I checked it didn’t give you a total like “effective dps” or EHP.

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Step 1: Mouse over strip miners

Step 2: Note mining amount

Step 3: Add together

It’s that simple…


It’s also that simple for DPS, yet they still give a total.
These are quality of life things. Not dramatic innovation things.

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Yes you are. << I thought this was too sarcastic and vague.

Thanks for helping to clarify my point for a feature request to CCP. I think that this will benefit of the wider game playing community is hard. I’m glad that you do not need this. But some do. And it seems like a little fix.

To your point; miners are missing the ride sidebar showing total mining rate.

In contrast, the fitting tool sidebar shows DPS for guns and drones. I am requesting CCP add this for mining lazers and mining drones.

I think you are saying that you calculate the mining rate in your head by mousing over the mining lasers.

Here is an image showing the sidebar that calculates total DPS and et al. Imagine it calculating mining rate and you have my feature requests.

Thanks again for your insight.

Very droll.

Yes it was. I often cringe at sarcastic remarks on these forums, and I apologise for continuing that. Please see my non sarcastic edit.

I actually think it’s a wider issue of not willing or inability to understand someone else’s point of view.

Got my point exactly.

Words fail me.

Yes, I do.

DPS on the other hand I never use in my fittings, so its being on the sidebar is of no-never-mind to me.

Drones ironically (as a very specific sub-set of DPS) I have only just started to use the sidebar for. And yes, it is extremely useful. Then again, we are talking up to five drones, of three classes, and two racial types here.

In contrast, having only two mining lasers, I’ll stick with what I know. However, that said, if using two lasers and five mining drones? Then (cough) - reluctantly - squirming - you might (and only if the wind were in the right direction) - just, have a point. Maybe.

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You assume that today’s gamers are capable of simple arithmetic. An assumption, it seems to me, that is considerably less valid than it was when I was a youth.

Some are not as blessed as you. We cannot measure everyone’s jib from your yard stick.

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