Market items that can't be repackaged, how to tell?

Probably a newbie question but here goes.

There are some items that are both listed on the market as well as traded via contracts. A concrete example
is Imperial Navy Radio S (ammo). There are active buy orders for this item on the market. However,
if I buy one of these items from a contract, I can’t seem to repackage it and sell it on the market. I’m pretty
sure the item is not damaged, I’m not able to repair it if it is, and I assume damaged items can’t be listed in
contracts anyway (or can they?).


(1) What is going on with these items? They have exactly the same type ID if you look them up in the ESI.
(2) Where can I find a list of such items?


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Ah. I think for my particular example it’s because crystals degrade and can’t be repaired.

However, I’ve seen this for skins as well. Why would one be able to buy a skin in a contract with an unused license, but NOT be able to sell it against live buy orders?

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I believe if they were ever loaded into a weapon or used less than 1% it doesn’t display the damage. Don’t bother flipping contracts there’s too many people and too little profit

Thanks for the reply. Any idea what’s going on with some of the skins? I’ve heard that possibly some items can stop being market tradeable but the orders won’t actually go away until they expire. That would make sense as long as the orders can’t also be updated, which would allow one to extend their lifetime indefinitely.

I believe almost all the skins are marketable. Havent seen any that arent.

Only some of the clothes cannot be placed on the market and must be contracted.

If its random items on a contract like that, there is probably a reason the person didn’t dump it on the market instead.

A concrete example is the Kikimora Red Meatgrinder SKIN which appears in both contracts and on the market. I had one of these that I acquired from a contract but could NOT sell on the market (sell option did not appear, etc). The license hadn’t been activated yet, etc. I DID end up re-selling it as a contract.

Why would this be the case? I didn’t think a SKIN could be re-used once the license was activated. If it IS possible to un-activate the license, why couldn’t you just turn around and sell this on the market? It’s not like the skin decays like a crystal. Very strange.

This sounds like nothing the public forum can solve and you should create a bug report. The Crystals make since since once they are put in a weapon you can’t repackage them. But skins I image should be able to.

Make a bug report

There are many items that have no market entry and can only be traded as contracts. There are fewer items which can be traded on the market but not via contract and even fewer items which can be traded on contract but not searched by name in contract. They are just bugged items which must be missing from relevent databases which allow them to be searched or traded ect.

Oh joy!

Were you trying to sell from a container. In my experience, sell orders can only be done from main station inventory and not any other container. Contracts however can be created from within containers.

Nope, straight out of my station inventory. I never really heard back from CCP, guess it will remain a mystery.

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