WTB Dread/Carrier/Fax BPO set

Post your prices


I have the following dread and carrier BPO’s all 10/18 Research

1X Archon - 2.2b
1X Chimera - 2.35b
2X Nidhoggur - 2.5b Each
2X Phonix - 4b Each
2X Revelation - 4b Each

Let me know if you want any of those

You have any components. Trying to just buy the full set of 1 person instead of piecing it together.

I have some components left. I had almost 150 capital ship and capital part BPO’s, but allot of them sold already I have about 20 or so left if you are available to chat in game we might be able to work out a deal.

Ill be on in about an hour or so. Given i can connect and tranq isnt taking a big dump again like it has been the last couple days

Ok, I sent you an in game mail with everything I have left. If you buy all of them I can give you a good price.

But yeah i seen your thread and must admit im quite salty i couldnt take 90% of it off your hands

Great! Ill get back to you asap

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