WTB Dread/Triage Alts

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As Title.

Im not looking for high SP characters so don’t bother posting them. As specialised as possible (Dont have to be perfect)

Post ITT

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(Asverty) #3

how much?

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I have a perfectly focused Moros alt that has never undocked.

About 11m SP.

Remind me in eight hours and I’ll check exact details.

Can you provide a ballpark price (assume exactly 11m, we’ll adjust when you have the precise details) so I can consider if we are close enough to negotiate further?

(cwisss) #6

Just link me the eveboard as otherwise I can only give you a figure based on 11m sp which isnt a right lot, like 8b

(Sabriz Adoudel) #7


There’s the board in question. 11630k SP.

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OP updated

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