WTB Dreadnought Pilot

(Werner Erata) #1

Want to buy focused Phoenix (primary) or Naglafar(secondary) pilot.
Must have:

  • T2 siege;
  • T2 guns;
  • Max jump skills;
  • Dreadnought V;
  • Perfect shields.
    The price is negotiable.

(Calicondoin) #2
  • T2 Guns + V.good support skills
  • T2 siege
  • Naglfar V
  • Max Jump Skills
  • Blops
  • Transports Ships & PI skills


  • Shield skills could use some work.

(Werner Erata) #3

Nice toon. But Phoenix pilot is in priority to me. If i can’t find any, i’ll talk to you.

(Seller Girl) #4

Price on that character?

(Calicondoin) #6

Rough extraction price is 31-32 bill.

But its skills hold additional value so id be happy with a lowest bid of 35.

(Alternate One) #7

@Calicondoin I would give you 35B for it right now. What do you say man?

(Haul Nguyen) #8

I’ll offer you 36 bil