WTB Exhumer Pilots

(Kelrok Loth'brok) #1

Looking to buy a couple Exhumer pilots. Post here with eveboards plx

(aro Naari) #2

http://eveboard.com/pilot/aro_Naari (12345)

+5 Implants (Perception, Willpowerr, Intelligence, Memory)

(Kelrok Loth'brok) #3

Did you already get sold?

(aro Naari) #4

8B B/O

(Miguel Balderian) #5

I will give you 8 Bill for ’ aro Naari ’

Please convo or mail me.

(aro Naari) #6

aro Naari << Please send money and mail here.

(Miguel Balderian) #7

Isk and account name sent to aro naari


(aro Naari) #8

Transfer completed


(Simon Anderson) #9

PW: 1234
~ 9,8 Mio. SP, positive Wallets, no KR. Will be in High Sec.

(Iryger Regyri) #10

7.5b for Simon_Anderson

(Miguel Balderian) #11

I will do 8Bill for Simon_Anderson.

Please mail or convo if you accept.

(Miguel Balderian) #12

Offer for Simon_Anderson is increased to 8.25 Bill

(Simon Anderson) #13

8,25B offer is accepted for Simon Anderson.
Please send ISK to Jedir Shepard and send me your details. I’ll start the transfer then.

(Miguel Balderian) #14

Isk and account name sent to Simon_Anderson


(system) #15

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