WTB Exhumers

Hit me up here, in game, or Discord Norwal#0630

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I didn’t post a price because it would depend on the amount of SP and skills into an exhumer. No quantity for the same reason, it would depend on the prices.

I have around 20b to spend on the characters.

A small peek into my posting history would show I have bought industrial characters over the last 2 years on multiple occasions. Appreciate the bump, I would appreciate you deleting your post even more.

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Would you like to be Batman? 60m SP. You can fly a hulk all over new eden. Or a Skiff, whichever you think looks more like a Batmobile. If you get bored, you can also fly a Tengu for some combat. What would Batman be like without a little combat every now and again right?

Also able to reprocess most ores with level 5 skills. Be Batman today.




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